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Photos of People Who Found Themselves Right in the Middle of Chaos

89-year-old Frane Selak has survived a plane crash, a train crash, a bus accident, 2 car explosions, and being hit by a bus. And then he bought a lottery ticket and won it too. But not everyone is as lucky as Frank.

Here at Bright Side we've created a list of photos from the internet showing some people living one of their worst days.

1. Grandma is having a bad day.

2. A soldier collapses during the Horse Guards Parade, ahead of the Queen's Birthday Parade

3. Man: I don't believe in bad luck.
Bad luck: ...

4. This dude is asking for it.

5. No one has seen Diego since that day.

6. I don't know how he survived to post this pic.

7. Who do you call if a fire truck catches fire?

8. The cake guy completely spaced out.

9. Either this guy is a big gorilla lover or he's drunk.

10. And I thought dogs had a specific pose for doing this...

11. No chance of ever unseeing this:

12. So this guy got onto a prison-bus by mistake and I'm not sure what he's so happy about.

13. VIP seats?

14. No matter how new you are, never doing this is just common sense.

15. A load of disgust in one pic

16. "Accidentally went in the women's restroom. I've been trying to leave unnoticed for 10 minutes but they keep coming!"

17. We're waiting for the day when police prank you back.

18. Final Destination 6 almost happened.

19. How to lose at life

20. Welding disaster

21. Apple: Our phones are waterproof
Samsung: ...

Have you ever been stuck in similar situations or chaos? Feel free to let us know in the comments. Do you know someone who can relate? Tag them and while you're at it, don't forget to share the article if you really liked it.

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