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Photos That Prove Luck Just Isn’t in the Cards for Some Women

The movement of feminism was founded decades ago and helped women achieve some amazing things around the world. But there are some unfortunate events that can't be fixed with a social movement.

Here at Bright Side, we adore our female readers, but we can't help but want to share these little fails with you to help brighten your day just a little bit.

Someone wasn't paying attention to how much birdseed they grabbed.

When you try to take cute grad pictures and fail miserably:

See the signs.

"I get married on Saturday and this was my dinner fortune cookie tonight."

When you're trying to enjoy life:

"My friend and I collided so hard in rounders her whole eyebrow came off onto my shirt."

"Wanted to take a pretty picture with bae."

"Quick! Take my picture!"

"We both wore green to the zoo..."

"So where do I put my hopes and dreams?"

"My family is never going to believe I went scuba diving... take my picture so I can prove it!"

Dang it!

"Yeah, so I brought you this gift but I require some assistance in order to give it to you."

The heels of these heels are also heels...

"My mom sent me a picture of her lunch....she said it was for ladies only."

She wasn't ready...

Someone got bored in the checkout line.

"Sure, we'll blur your face out."

Self-tanner is not for everybody.

Mind the mirror.

Did you feel bad for these ladies or did you just want to laugh? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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