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Pictures Where the Background Clearly Stole the Show

Classic photography has its rules about composition, lining, and depth that demonstrate the components of a perfect picture. But all these rules fly out the window when one element in the background steals the shot.

Here at Bright Side, we love good photography and believe it only gets better with a little humor in it. Wouldn't you agree?

She's not impressed.

"I had this on my refrigerator for 6 years before I noticed it."

Mermaid photobomb

"I love my coworkers!"

They wanted a hot picture - and they got one.

Have you ever been photobombed by a whale?

This photo shoot just got a little smellier...

"Hello, hoooman!"

"I imagine that all the paragliders on the English Countryside have a photobomb contest and this guy always wins!"

"Whatcha doin' there?"

Fox News Sports, ladies and gentlemen

They're always watching you...

Could someone pass him a roll?

"Don't you see me walking?"

Camping is so exhausting.

Disgusted by selfies


Smiley takes the shot!

It's coming baaaack...

Which entry on the list was photobombing gold? Be sure to share which ones were your favorite in the comment section below.

Preview photo credit Colin166/reddit, Hautecurry/reddit
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