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Pizza Places Are Home to Incredibly Creative People

History of pizza (yes, it's a thing) tells us that modern pizza developed in Naples, Italy and ever since then has had us begging for more and more, year after year. However, modern pizza places have a little more to show us than just pizza.

Who doesn't love pizza? Here at Bright Side, we're proud pizza-lovers. But this article showcases incredibly creative people who manage to overshadow even the greatest tasting pizza.

1. This bag has the corners cut out so that the pizza sits flat.

2. This pizza box converts into a coffin for "the remains".

3. The resurrection is real!

4. They have a point...

5. This level of convincing is impressive.

6. The 4 horseman of flavor

7. "The one time I trolled my coworker’s desk flair"

8. "Joke's on you, I guess."

9. We call this, "The Pizza Giude".

10. Use everything to your advantage.

11. "To the Dominos employee who made my pizza: you get me like no one else ever will."

12. "The girlfriend called Dominos to send me a surprise heart-shaped Valentine's Day pizza while I was on a business trip."

13. "Asked for extra pepperoni. Pizza Hut got the memo."

14. "We ordered 1 pepperoni pizza..."

15. I'm the guy from your math books who has a ton of pizzas in their car.

16. "This is my type of knight!"

17. "Had a pretty good pizza delivery description so I thought I'd share."

18. When you ask for a drawing on your pizza box:

19. A guy asked us to write on his pizza box, "Something to cheer up my girlfriend." Wonder how that went?

20. "My boyfriend tried to be cute and replaced a pizza slice with a cupcake."

21. A pizza box in the South

22. This local pizza place knows whats up.

23. We dare you not to sing with this sign...

Boy, did that article make us hungry! Did it have the same effect on you? Be sure to share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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