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Powerful Photos That Can Give You Goosebumps

It's no surprise that we get so used to our daily routines that we fail to realize that there are very many interesting things happening all around us. Some of these things are touching, some are bittersweet, while others can bring a tear to your eye. Next time you leave your house, take a look around at what's going on in the lives of others.

Bright Side has collected pictures that can inspire you to do something good.

Lost its home.

A Russian cosmonaut talking to his son before going to space

"My dad is mentally and physically handicapped and he’s unable to work or earn an income but he’s been saving his pocket change for the past month for some reason. Then I came home from work to this today."


"This is my Uber driver Beni. He took me to the hospital and has been keeping me company since most of my family lives out of the state."

Sometimes finding friends can be difficult.

A picture of Medal of Honor recipient Kyle Carpenter with his mother. After everything he's been through, he's still her little boy.

Will to live

Sad dinner

"He's not a fan of storms. He carries his elephant for moral support."

A child left a bunny on a subway train...

...But subway workers found the owner and gave her the toy!

A shell-shocked soldier hiding during a fireworks show


"My daughter had a flower headband on and a butterfly landed on it!"

The woman pushing the car is blind. I heard her say while choosing bath towels, 'Please get me 2 white ones. I love the color white.'"

Guy reunified with a girl he rescued during Hurricane Katrina more than 10 years later.


Those eyes...

500 years of walking up the marble stairs of the Tower of Pisa

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