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Pride Parade Signs With a Clear Point and a Sense of Humor to Match

The very first pride march took place in Washington Square Park in Chicago on Saturday, June 27, 1970. And for over 40 years people have been making this fight for rights a witty, colorful and, dare we say, fabulous event.

We at Bright Side support equality all over the world and today we want to show you the smartest and funniest signs from Pride parades, to keep you inspired. Which one is your favorite?

It never does.

How can you resist free fashion advice?

Britney is in the mix too.

Taking wisdom from books

This is what I call a valid point.

She is the love.

Fine and with good taste in music

Valid misunderstanding

Highlighting the real problem


Pride parades just bring joy and rainbows.

This man is quotable.

Some Disney lessons for you

Who doesn’t love Taco Tuesday?

The man has spoken.

Born this way

Restaurants are in on the sign game.

It’s her celebrity status — that’s my guess...

Taking one for the team

The raccoon rights

The one to brag

Which one do you think was the best at supporting the agenda? Be sure to share your thoughts with us in the comments, we love to hear from you!

Preview photo credit orileyy/reddit, bennyc80/instagram
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