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Proof That When Left Alone, Nature Always Finds a Way to Take Over

“There’s always a way – if you’re committed,” said Tony Robbins, an American author, and entrepreneur. Nature has definitely mastered this skill at an expert level and certainly serves as a great life coach.

We at Bright Side have selected these photos to show how incredibly strong nature really is.

1. Energy and persistence conquer everything.

2. Nature vs man... nature wins!

3. Winners never quit.

4. It always seems impossible until it happens.

5. This tree has never heard the word, "impossible".

6. You always win if don't give up!

7. At the end of the day, only the strongest survive.

8. After all our wars, nature wins...

9. Mission complete

10. Trees winning against concrete in Hong Kong

11. The abandoned shopping mall in Bangkok has been taken over.

12. When you're looking for possibilities, not excuses:

13. 102-year-old abandoned ship in Sydney, Australia

14. The piano never saw it coming...

15. "I'm going to survive no matter what!"

16. An abandoned building in Russia is getting eaten by the sea.

17. A bike-eating tree in Vashon Island, Washington

18. This is kinda freaky!

19. In the end, nature always wins.

20. The Paris Little Belt Railway has been abandoned since 1934.

21. An abandoned hotel room

22. It's better to bend than to break.

23. A vintage automobile graveyard in Belgium

Have you ever seen something man-made become taken over by nature? Show your photos in the comments below.

Preview photo credit SmurfsShop / imgur, unknown / imgur
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