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Reddit Users Name the One Thing That Made Their Lives Way Easier

There are always many things to get to on our to-do lists, so it’s important to find anything that makes life a little easier. Some people need a really tight schedule to get things done, others simply need a different attitude to set their goals. And someone else might just need a change of clothes. Reddit users held a discussion about the one thing that made their lives easier and better. Here are 15 pieces of advice from different people. Maybe you’ll find something that inspires you.

Bright Side chose the most interesting comments from Reddit about the things that made some people’s lives easier.

  • Once I accidentally put on a shirt one size smaller than usual. I got a lot of compliments at work about how good I looked.
  • I hate cleaning. At some point, I came up with a trick to reduce it to a minimum. Every day when I come home, I set a timer for 10 minutes and clean. No matter what my plans are, I always do this.
  • My car broke down so I don’t drive anywhere. I lost 28 pounds, I don’t eat fast-food. And until I save enough for decorating my apartment, I won’t eat a hamburger or drink cola.
  • My girlfriend and I started walking more. Instead of lying on the couch or surfing the Internet, we walk in new places with our dog. We get coffees at Starbucks and walk around the city. We go to different stores to buy food just to see something new. This changed my life: I have become calmer and now I rarely wake up at night.
  • I hate to admit this, but a sleep schedule and a to-do list really helped me. Before, I slept when I wanted and I always felt bad. When your body knows that it has one definite period of time for sleep, it prepares itself. Now I don’t need ten alarms to get up.
  • I threw away all my socks. I bought new ones, all the same, but different colors: 20 white pairs and 30 black ones. Now I don’t spend 10 minutes every morning trying to find a pair after washing. All I need to do is grab two socks of the same color. That’s it. Now, my life is way easier.
  • I use the rule of three tasks. Every day, I have a task for my health, one for my financial situation and one more for my mood. Everything has changed.
  • Water. No, not the required eight glasses a day, I just drink water in the morning, in the afternoon, and in the evening.
  • Now I wait 45 minutes before responding to someone who annoyed me. A friend? I wait 45 minutes. My colleague made a mistake? I wait 45 minutes and then comment on the situation.
  • A tie helped me. When I stopped wearing jeans and T-shirts and started wearing a suit with a tie, people listened to my ideas. And then I got promoted.
  • I never argue with anyone. I let other people speak out and I either think about my things or I change the topic. I don’t argue. My life has become calmer.
  • A bottle of mineral water in the fridge. I work late and before when I came home, I used to drink beer one by one sitting in front of the TV. A bottle of mineral water helps me deceive myself: I drink water and I don’t wake up dehydrated, but full of energy.
  • I bought insoles for my shoes. They are really cool!
  • I set my alarm clock 15 minutes later than I need to. When I wake up, I don’t have time to lie there because I think that I’m being late. So, I get up quickly!
  • Cats made my life better. Many cats.

What decision or habit made your life easier? Tell us in the comment section below!

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