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Reddit Users Share 25+ Weird Things That Other People Thought Were Okay to Do

When we do ordinary things like brushing our teeth or eating cornflakes, we don’t really think about if there’s a right or wrong way to do them. But as it turns out, some of the things we consider normal are not typical for other people at all. To find out more about such things, the Reddit user tthrowaway1901 created a thread where people could share their stories about strange habits that other people have.

We at Bright Side went through this thread and chose 27 of the weirdest things that other people thought were perfectly normal.

  • One of my exes used to just put shampoo on top of his hair and let the water wash it out. I always wondered why his hair was still a bit greasy until I had a shower with him one time and saw him do this. I explained to him how to wash his hair properly and he was completely shocked by the results. @xoCherryhandro
  • I met a girl who matter of factly said that she didn’t like water and only drank coffee and vodka to hydrate. She then proudly said she only pooped once a week. We asked if she was joking and she got offended. This girl was dead serious. I’m so conscious of my water intake now. @vintageaesthetics
  • I lived with a girl who would eat baby powder that she had stashed in the drawer of her bathroom. She would walk by the bathroom and do quick shakes of the bottle right into her mouth. @GrayBuffalo
  • My sister didn’t know that you could brush your teeth with a closed mouth. When we lived together, I walked in on her brushing her teeth one day and there was this frothing waterfall of toothpaste and spit dripping out of her mouth, getting all over her. She was baffled that there was any other way to do it. @bornruffian
  • My friend thought that everyone was regularly taking de-worming tablets to stop getting worms. It wasn’t until she got married and told her husband she was going to go pick up their worming tablets that she found out it wasn’t normal. @happy_elephant3
  • My wife introduced me to a high school friend of hers who didn’t trust the mail system so he’d drive and hand-deliver all his bills every month. @knightfelt
  • My neighbors ate their cornflakes with orange juice instead of milk. Their parents had conditioned them all to think this was normal and acceptable behavior. @Fruitloops_for_B
  • My friend only charges up his phone to 98% because he thought if he charged it up to 100% it would be damaging. @jstoo
  • My dad told me that he had a roommate in college who would keep a jar by his bed that he would pee in at night because he was too lazy to get up and go to the bathroom. My dad would wake up every morning to see a fresh jar of pee. I have no clue if this guy knew it was disgusting and just didn’t care or if he thought it was totally normal. @beenthere___donethat
  • I had a friend who was convinced you had to peel grapes before eating them. @communist-Toast
  • I’m a dog groomer and while I was bent down inspecting a dog, I heard a clipping noise and something was falling down around me. The owner of the dog took out his nail clippers and started cutting his own fingernails while standing over me. My job is pretty gross sometimes but everything is grosser when it comes from a human. @Jacque_38
  • My coworker offered me some peanuts (still in their shells). I passed. 2 minutes later I heard her say, “I love peanuts but I wish you didn’t have to eat the shell.” @angiipie
  • I was talking to my husband on the phone and he told me to hang on because he had to put his clothes back on. He was at work. I asked what the hell he was doing and apparently he always takes all his clothes off to poop. He said he hangs them over the stall door so they don’t get “poop particles” on them. I told him no one else does this. He didn’t notice because in the men’s room he used for the last 10 years there was only one stall. @imhappysteven
  • A friend of mine didn’t know that after you insert a tampon, you pull out the applicator. I found this out in college after being dumbfounded at why everyone preferred pads over tampons. She was walking around with that terrible piece of plastic up there all this time. @sinner_in_the_house
  • My roommate in college thought you washed clothes on every single cycle in the washing machine. Our machine had a delicate cycle, a cotton cycle, a solo rinse cycle, a permanent press cycle, etc. He always complained about the washer taking forever. It’s because he was washing his clothes 4-5 times every time he did laundry. @sooner_or_later
  • Our best friend’s old girlfriend refused to watch a movie if it was made before the ’90s. She never saw a single film from any genre before 1990. I could never take her seriously after that. @Katekate78
  • My ex-girlfriend would make tea then rinse the teabag under the running tap before throwing it away. I asked her why and she said, “Because it’s 100 degrees and it could ignite the wastebasket.” @JohnSingapore
  • I have a coworker who eats nothing during the day when “the sun is out” except for morning coffee — not even breakfast or a snack. He walks home from work and will only eat once he gets home at night. I asked him if he ever gets hungry and he told me starving himself was just a bad habit. @nosmokingz0ne
  • When I first started dating my boyfriend I noticed that there wasn’t a single hand towel in the house. I asked him what he dries his hands off with after using the restroom. I shouldn’t have asked. He never washed them. @hamflabagaba
  • I had a roommate in college who thought you had to preheat the microwave. She would turn it on for a minute before putting her food inside. Even though we pointed out to her that this wasn’t necessary, she kept doing it, insisting we must be wrong. @konfusion1111
  • I was eating at a friend’s house and noticed that her food tasted a bit like soap. Later, I was in the kitchen when she started doing the dishes. She took a soapy sponge, cleaned the plate really well, and then immediately stuck it in the dish drainer. “Aren’t you going to rinse that?” I asked. She said no and insisted that you don’t have to rinse soap off because it just evaporates. It took quite a while to convince her that I wasn’t the crazy one. @hateboresme
  • My friend in middle school ate the same things for dinner every weekday. He came over for a sleepover one night and when we ate dinner, he said, “Oh, so your family meal is tacos.” He thought that every family had one meal that they ate every weeknight. @haydenwolfe888
  • I used to think towels were post-shower blankets until my college boyfriend recommended I dry off the water to help me warm up faster. Then it dawned on me. @Eucilyli
  • I know someone at work who eats oranges with the peel on. I’m pretty sure he’s a psychopath. @strangevil
  • My dad dated a gal for a period of time that I really liked. One time at dinner it was somehow brought up that she and her 17-year-old daughter shared a toothbrush. My father is a dentist and I couldn’t help but stare at him in disbelief when I heard this. It was absolutely hilarious to see his reaction when he heard that. @cdubbg
  • My friend’s parents used to give her popsicles in the shower when she was a kid because she always made a mess when she ate them and in the shower, they could just rinse her off. She still eats popsicles in the shower and thinks it’s normal. @buckyspunisher
  • I used to know a girl who never washed her underwear. Instead, she would go to the store and buy more. I think she might have had a pile of underwear in her apartment that was worn once and just left there until the pile was big enough to stuff in a trash bag and toss in the dumpster. @Krohlia

Do you have your own stories about people who used to do weird things? Please share them with us in the comments!

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