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Reddit Users Talk About the Adult Problems No One Prepared Them For

When we are kids, we tend to imagine that adult life is full of miracles and wonders. This is true except for some small, annoying nuances (and maybe some big, serious ones) that none of us were ready to face. A Reddit thread where people started to discuss unexpected issues they encountered in real life, suddenly uncovered that many of us are actually bothered by the same things.


We at Bright Side couldn’t stop reading this thread while swinging between laughing and crying. We’d like for you to read it too, just so you can realize that we all are annoyed by the fact that our homes get dirty so fast.

  • Vegetables die too soon in the fridge. © 2facedSquid / Reddit

  • Basic home maintenance: when to change air filters, smoke alarm batteries, the timing of lawn care, how often do you clean the gutters, are you supposed to clean under the stove, what is edging, how do you recycle, how to change a lock, etc. © ctsom / Reddit

  • The realization that $1,000 is not a lot of money to have, but it is a lot of money to owe someone. © OverlordBrandon / Reddit
    It’s like calories. 1,000 extra calories are easy to eat in one day. Cutting 1,000 calories from your day on the other hand... © Never-On-Reddit / Reddit

  • How much time you spend just doing stuff.
    “Oh need to replace my tire and that’s over by the store, so while I replace the tire I can run some errands and I’ll save time and be home in no time.” 3 hours later, “Okay just one more errand before I head home.”
    Also how putting off a small task just a couple of days in a row can quickly amount to a longer chore/responsibility later. “Eh, I can just leave this in the sink, get to it later before bed,” x 2 days equals, “Why is this grime caked onto this plate still? I’ve been scrubbing for 10 minutes straight!” © whyImcalledqueen / Reddit
  • Careers. As a kid you hear, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and it’s always, “nurse, doctor, fireman, game designer” etc. Which is all so simple. But then when you do start training/ working in that career and you realize you don’t like it... it just feels like such a terrifying thing to now have to think of a new career identity. I’m pretty sure most of us spend a lot of time working through this whole “My career isn’t viable, what do I do?” It’s the realization that really takes time. © FoxesStoleMyGloves / Reddit
  • Being sick and having to care for yourself. Like when you were younger your parents would get the medicine, or the medicine cabinet would just be stocked all the time, etc. But here I am with a cold having to build up the energy to go to the supermarket to buy some aspirin and throat lozenges all by myself. © niwawhatuira / Reddit
  • The disillusion that comes with realizing your parents had no actual clue what they were doing 86% of the time whilst raising you. © Accomplished_Bus_187 / Reddit
  • How uneducated people are. Like, the complete lack of reasoning and critical thinking is astonishing. You can’t even have a proper conversation with some people because they make up their minds and the conversation is over. © PLEASEHIREZ / Reddit
  • The endless cleaning. I had chores when I was a kid, but I had zero clue how much actual work went into keeping the house clean. I cleaned my house this morning and by midweek it’ll be a warzone of pet hair, crumbs, and dust. I don’t even have kids, it’s like the underpants gnomes show up when I’m asleep and mess my house up. © Sn00dlerr / Reddit
  • Always having to be "ON.

    "At work, you need to meet goals and be ON.

    At home, with your kids, you need to be ON.

    With your spouse, you need to be ON.

    I’m very fortunate that my wife and I can just sit and veg in complete silence for hours. And nobody is internally freaking out. © Trackdaybro498 / Reddit

Now it’s your turn. What adult problem were you unprepared for?