Researchers Are Convinced That These 11 Subtle Traits Are Signs of Exceptional Intelligence

It’s not always necessary to pass an IQ test to measure a person’s mental abilities.

We at Bright Side came up with 11 traits of intelligent people that will help you figure out everyone you talk to. You can also use them for self-analysis.

11. You sense when you’re being lied to.

You realize when someone tries to trick you, and you don’t let them do it. You also understand people’s intentions, motivation, and wishes, and these are all the signs of good emotional intelligence.

10. You are self-sufficient.

Of course, you love your partner. However, you don’t let your whole life revolve around them. You have your own life going on: work, relatives, and hobbies. You can already call yourself a self-sufficient person, even if you are planning to start a relationship or marriage.

9. Sometimes you’re messy.

Your apartment is not always perfectly clean. Moreover, sometimes it’s a mess because you have more important and urgent things to do than cleaning.

8. You don’t lie to yourself.

Or to anyone else either because lies have many consequences that you’ll have to deal with in the future. Plus, it takes a lot of effort to come up with a good lie.

7. You can hold in your emotions when it’s necessary.

As a person with a bright mind, you won’t suppress or hide your sincere emotions. However, you know the limits and won’t become a professional martyr concentrating on loss and resentment. Something happens, get over it, and let it go.

6. You always make plans.

When something is important, you prefer to take prompt action instead of dreaming. You analyze the situation and evaluate possible options.

5. You like being lazy sometimes.

New research suggests that lazing around might be a sign of high intelligence. The study was based on the behavior of 2 groups of people: thinkers and active people. The second group appeared to be more active to stimulate the work of their mind. The thinkers, on the other hand, preferred to solve a problem quickly and spend the rest of the time being less active. Researchers claim that "non-thinkers" get bored easily and feel the need to fill their free time with different activities.

4. You don’t get stuck in the past.

You value your past experience and memories, but you don’t like reliving what’s been said and done. You dream and plan your future while living in the present moment. And you’re happy about it.

3. You make mistakes.

Only fools think you should be ashamed of the mistakes you’ve made. But you know that making mistakes is a part of moving forward in life. You just try to avoid repeating them.

2. You don’t prove anything to anyone.

You don’t say, "I am the smartest!" out loud on every street corner, and you don’t push your smartness on everyone. Only fools do that.

1. You know what finger length ratio means.

According to research published in Behavioural Brain Research, there might be a connection between the index finger and the ring finger ratio and your mental abilities. The ratio between the index and the ring finger can be calculated by dividing their lengths. If the ratio is low, a person is likely to be strong and active. If it’s high, one has better abilities in verbal memory tasks. Scientists claim that the length of the index finger is determined by the level of testosterone one has, which can affect spatial cognition. However, these generalizations are not universal.

Which signs of intelligence have you got? Tell us in the comments!

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