Scientists Say There Are 7 Curious Female Features That Seem to Attract Men the Most

Sometimes our flaws enhance our attractiveness, and the features we are shy about turn out to be adorable and even seductive for men.

We at Bright Side found several pieces of research that prove the following statement: being attractive doesn't always mean being flawless.

1. Sweat

When you get really sweaty outside the gym, it's kind of embarrassing. People can discriminate more than 1 trillion types of aromas. And while sweat may not be the most pleasant one, it actually says a lot about our feelings. Scientists state that the "scent of happiness" is very contagious, and as we smell it we might feel positive emotions too.

2. Infectious laughter

Psychologists say that if we meet someone who makes us laugh sincerely, a romantic relationship with this person might have a positive outcome. Life will be filled with laughter and positive emotions almost all the time.

3. Glasses

Now you don't have to wear your glasses just for reading. Research has shown that men see women wearing glasses as more attractive and sexy.

4. Light tan lines

Light areas on your tanned body seem to look even nuder. They attract men's attention and make them want to touch these tender parts of your skin.

5. Messy hair

Messy locks, natural waves, or a messy bun are the types of hairstyles that men aren't afraid to ruin when they hug women. Plus they look more natural than a complicated hairdo with lots of hair spray on it.

6. Makeup-free look

Scientists have calculated that 40% of people consider women without makeup to be more attractive.

7. Tummy

A little bit of tummy fat adds extra points to your attractiveness. Scientists say that the most important thing is to pay attention to your body proportions. Research shows that men who looked at pictures of women with an hourglass body type felt more impulses in the brain zones responsible for pleasure.


A woman wearing no makeup, with messy hair, stealing food from a man's plate is still the most attractive woman in his eyes.

Have you ever noticed any flaws in your beloved that you value more than anything else? Tell us your opinion in the comments.

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