Six school subjects from around the world no kid would ever want to skip

Six school subjects from around the world no kid would ever want to skip

Back in our schooldays, we all had our favorite subjects. As any kid knows, interesting lessons make time fly, while dreary ones seem to last forever. These days, education authorities in many countries are trying to modernize school curriculum to make learning a more interesting and pleasurable experience. 

Bright Side presents a selection of fascinating and unusual lessons from around the globe. Doesn't this make you wish you were back at school?

Japan: Admiration for Nature

The purpose of these lessons is to teach youngsters to value the aesthetic aspect of their surrounding environment outdoors. All too often, modern kids ignore the development of this ability, preferring to spend time in front of computers and other electronic gadgets. As with more familiar subjects, such as math or geography, nature admiration involves pupils receiving grades and even having to take end-of-year exams.

Bashkiria: Beekeeping 

More than 100 shools in Вashkiria have their own apiaries. There, kids learn to tend beehives and harvest honey. Just as importantly, such lessons teach schoolchildren patience, attentiveness and accuracy. 

Israel: Cyber-security 

As the internet continues to permeate more and more aspects of our life, cyber-security becomes a vital area of knowledge. Conscious of this fact, Israeli schools have introduced a subject known as the Theory and Practice of Cyber Warfare. Among other things, kids are being taught how to behave in cyberspace and how to respond to blog and social network comments. Moreover, special attention is given to the issue of video game dependence. 

Armenia: Folk dances

Armenians take true pride in their ethnic dances. Armenian culture boasts more than 1,500 indigenous dances, each of them possessing unique history and meaning. For this reason, Armenian authorities didn't feel content with schools just having ordinary cultural heritage lessons and, in 2013 they made folk dancing a mandatory part of the curriculum! 

Australia: Surfing lessons

Anxious to retain their "masters of the surf" reputation, Australians are now teaching their most spectacular sport in schools. This should ensure that no foreigner will ever best the Aussies on their beaches! Similar lessons have been introduced in Hawaii. 

USA: Scientific discoveries

After finishing their science theory course, some U.S. kids get the same final homework — to invent something. They have the entirety of the following year to complete it. The research period is concluded by a presentation, which the pupils make before their teachers and classmates. Each project is discussed and judged on the merits of its successfulness and relevance, and then the final grade is awarded. 

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