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Social Network Users Shared the Most Irritating Stories From Their Work

Even the work we love can drive us crazy sometimes because of weird customers, eccentric colleagues, or just a bad work day. All of these issues could make anyone doubt themselves. But there’s no need to think about quitting your job! Just try to react to your problems in the same easy way as the people from our article.

People who belong to different professions have shared stories of their work life online, and we at Bright Side have noticed that most of these people see these stories with a great sense of humor.

1. Many patients are sure that they know more than the doctor when it comes to what their treatment should be. Some even believe that they don’t need to take off hair clips before doing an X-ray.

2. This cop deserves to win Halloween.

3. A hot new girl at work had a question.

4. He’s just trying to get to work.

5. “The one and only ‘bad’ review for my local pizza joint.”

6. “The hospital I work at had an accident with the MRI machine recently.”

7. “I work in IT, finding this in the server room made my day!”

8. “Someone in this office is a monster.”

9. When you get the job of your dreams but something still goes wrong:

10. “I forgot I was making caramel at work. It’s a bit overcooked.”

11. When customers need to be aware of closing time:

12. “My coworker came as me to work for Halloween.”

13. “Owls who were born outside of this office window won’t stop staring at the workers inside.”

14. “The caliber of the people I work with...”

15. “I’m a delivery driver, a customer paid with this. Seems legit.”

16. “I work in retail. A customer came in complaining about their tablet. Specifically about the screen not being clear enough, but also not registering touch correctly... Upon taking a closer look this is what I discovered.”

17. Girls scared a Walmart employee and thought it was funny.

18. “I don’t care! I want a damn window in my office!”

19. “I had to come in to work early on a Saturday morning. And this is how productive I’ve been.”

20. “After working a 9 hour shift behind the bar, taking in over £1200, and having 150 customers at once, this is what we made in tips.”

21. When inner beauty matters:

22. “Just when I thought my work couldn’t get more ridiculous... I had to walk through an inflatable cancerous rectum to get into the building today.”

23. “Well, I’ll just keep going then.”

24. “My side vs My coworker’s side”

25. There’s no perfect place to work.

Have you ever encountered any funny situations at your work? Tell us in the comments below.

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