Someone Took a Picture of Friend’s Head, and Now the Whole Internet Is Crazy About It

On February 21st Designer, Alessandro Michele, presented a fashion show in which models walked down the runway carrying scary but accurate replicas of their own heads. We wonder if the designer knew the internet would explode after witnessing this crazy trend. Could he have predicted that his show would produce 2018's most viral fashion meme?

After the show, people started to post their own photos to keep up with the fashion trend resulting in a new flashmob called, "Gucci Challenge". If you can't afford a clutch in the shape of your own head, just borrow your friends' head and place it under your arm. They can hide their bodies behind your back helping to make the photo appear super creepy and eerily close to the original fashion trend.

Bright Side gathered the most creative examples of how people fashioned their own version of this creepy head trend.

1. One Gucci model led by example.

2. A symbol of good friendship is a hand bag in the shape of your bestie's head.

3. "#GucciChallenge is not that easy."

4. Giovanna Battaglia was one of the first people to join the challenge.

5. There can't be that many head-shaped clutches!

6. Such a nice collaboration of art and fashion.

7. Two heads are better than one.

8. Some people managed to snag two clutches.

9. A new era of headhunters has arrived!

10. "I literally lost my head."

11. When food is your best friend:

12. If your "bag" has its make up on, you can relax.

13. You'll never see such a brutal look anywhere else.

14. The flowers in the background are the only innocent things about this photo.

15. Sweet kids can make it even more creepy.

16. Such charismatic bags must cost more than others.

17. There will always be someone able to turn something scary into something beautiful.

18. Friends are the best finishing touch to your look.

19. The challenge has even made it to the toy world.

20. When there weren't any friends available.

Have you tried this challenge? If yes, share your photos with us! Or tell us in the comments which photos you were impressed with the most!

Preview photo credit alessandrofumagalli / instagram
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