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Such “Masterpieces” Appear When Your Imagination Goes Too Far and You’re Not Good With Your Hands


Creativity is a valuable human characteristic but not all people can control it. This can be seen in objects like tire chairs and jellies with jaws. They may look really strange but boy, are they funny!

Bright Side has collected examples of absurd creative attempts that Internet users have shared.

Something is off with the left eye, but the rest is just fine!

Furry car

Nice patch job!

When the doorbell doesn't work:

In case you get hungry:

Impressive work, but why?

When your watch band breaks:

How do you like this nail job?

Where did he get all these mouths?



A homemade comb

The worst thing is, they used new tires!

Perfect execution

Nice abs, man.

Seriously? Would anyone eat this?

A decapitated Furbie notebook because, why not?

These heels

Bathing season

This guy's in-car phone holder...

...and knife holder

This is amazing zip tie work but why do it on a car?

Lowering your home's resale value one cork at a time

Photoshop is better than working out.

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Preview photo credit Feedyourheadd/imgur, onedio