Take a Look at How the Rebels of the 2000s Have Changed

The 2000s were rich in new subcultures. Everyone tried to express themselves as best they could, whether it was goths, hippies, emos, or rappers.

We at Bright Side decided to compare the rebels of those years with how they look today.

I used all those cheap accessories and thought they were cool. Now I'm a mother and a wife, and I work as a moderator.

I used to be an emo, then I became a goth, then I went back to being an emo. Now I'm 27, have a family, my own home, and work as a lab assistant.

I used to love standing out. Now I devote all of my time to my son.

I used to love experimenting with my appearance. Today I'm studying to be a designer; I've become more serious.

I could never work out which group of people I belonged to, so I just mixed them all together. Now I'm studying to be an architect.

I hitchhiked halfway around the world, and now I work for a tourist agency.

I used to spend all my time hanging out with my friends. Now I work in a bank, have a girlfriend, and I'm building my own house.

My younger self would call my life today boring, but now I have a husband, son, a job in the supermarket, and I'm happy.

I had plenty of friends and was always having fun. Today, I still have all this, but now I also like to travel and play sport.

I used to be covered in friendship bracelets and was learning taekwondo. Now I have a black belt and my own pupils.

In the first photo, my girlfriend and I had only just started dating. Now, I think, we look a lot better than at that time.

I used to listen to rock and punk rock; I just loved to stand out. But now I work for a language school - I'm too old for all of that stuff.

I was studying to be a designer, and I listened to Brand New, Death Cab, and Blink. Now, I am a designer, I still listen to Brand New, Death Cab, and Blink, and I'm a father.

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