Ten must-have apps that you should not miss

Ten must-have apps that you should not miss

Cell phone applications have become an essential part of our everyday lives. Some of them are designed to keep us entertained for hours, and others make our lives easier in many ways. If you’re getting bored with the apps you’ve got and want to try something new, check out our list of 10 useful apps that we at Bright Side selected for you.

iOS and Android

Do you want to have an economic plan to improve your finances and make ends meet? Well, here's an app for those who want to have their spending under control. With Spendee you can track your financial expenses and daily transactions and analyze your income simply and efficiently.

iOS and Android

This great app offers a variety of recipes from around the world and makes everyday cooking fun! Cookpad is the best app for finding, saving, and sharing delicious home-cooked recipes and publishing your own. Not only can you search recipes by name but also by which ingredients the dish includes.

iOS and Android

Runtastic is a great app for both beginners and experts. It is designed to keep you motivated, guide you, track your fitness activities, and share them with your friends and family. The application allows you to track your calories, pace, distance, and speed when riding your bike, jogging, or performing different cardiovascular exercises.

Bike Repair
iOS and Android

This extremely useful app is a must-have resource for every bike owner. It provides you with a lot of quality pictures and easy-to-follow guides covering different bike repairs along with explanations of common problems. It also gives simple tips on how to care for injuries after a bike crash and suggests appropriate clothing for the weather before you start your journey.

Android, iPhone, iPad, PC

This app allows you to turn your photos into funny cartoons and emoticons using face detection. First, MomentCam takes a picture of you, and then it generates a cartoon version of this picture and even creates animations. You can then edit your character by tweaking the face shape, hair, and eyebrows, putting on glasses and changing the whole style of the caricature. The application is also integrated with an awesome option allowing users to convert group photos into animated gifs.

iOS and Android

This is a super fun app to play with! Add selfie masks to your photos, and turn yourself into your favorite animal, zombie, or superhero. Each mask fits your facial features exactly and repeats your movements. You can transform your face in countless ways and even face swap with your friends.


iOS and Android

This impressive photo-enhancing app can turn the most boring photos into works of art using the styles of famous artists such as Van Gogh, Munch, and Picasso.

Prisma is super easy to use: simply take a picture or select an existing one, crop, and choose the effect. Once you apply the filter you can reduce or increase the intensity of it before you're given the option of saving the image or sharing it to your social networks.

Musixmatch is the world's largest lyric platform that automatically finds the lyrics to your favorite songs in every language. While playing songs from your device, lyrics appear on the screen automatically. You can search for a song using a single line, identify a song that's playing around you, and even see the translation of its lyrics in time with the music.

Snapchat Filter
iOS, Android, and PC

Remember Dug, the lovely dog from Disney Pixar's Up? One of the options on Snapchat Filter, if used correctly, is able to turn your dog into Dug. Just flip the front-facing camera and focus it on your dog – as if it's taking a selfie. Hold down the screen until the app recognizes your dog's face, select the 'funhouse mirror' filter, and click. The result will melt your heart.

iOS and Android

An app that helps you end your relationship. It may seem like a joke, but the truth is that Binder is used by hundreds of people worldwide. Choose your lover's gender, add their name and phone number, choose why it's over from the list of reasons, and swipe right. You also have the option to upload his or her photo to get the full effect. The app will take care of the rest.

Your ex will receive a text message explaining why you say goodbye, and you can even reinforce it with a 37-second voice message recorded by a random Scottish man. We think it's too funny to take seriously.

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