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Terrific News: You Can Help Science and Earn $1,500 by Napping

Taking nap when you feel exhausted feels so sweet, but this topic has still not been studied thoroughly. Some scientists talk about the benefits while others highlight the negative effects of napping. This difference of opinion suggests one thing — more research is necessary. For this, your help is needed, and to top it all off, it’s for a good reward.


And we at Bright Side will now tell you how you can sleep, support science, and make money at the same time.

Wanted: A team of nappers

Eachnight is a company that researches sleep and everything related to it. And now they want to test their theories and explore the pros and cons of napping. For this, they need 5 “Nap Reviewers” willing to take part in the study.

Evaluate your nap

You will need to take a daily nap for 30 days and follow the instructions of the experiment. You will write down your experience and review your sleep. You need to evaluate its effect on you and your motivation, fatigue, and memory.


Who can be “Nap Reviewer”

Residents of any country can become a napper, but only if they are:

  • Over 18 years old
  • English-speaking and writing
  • Able to sleep alone so that no one interferes with their nap

Get money and rest

You’ll get paid $1,500 for this relaxing job. This probably sounds like a joke or a dream, but it’s true and you can apply for this role now. All you need is to do is fill out this form by the end of the month and prepare to have a good nap.

Do you like to take naps? Will you apply for this job?