The 10 Weirdest Things Found By Airport Security Control

Airport security control is well known for its strict rules and well-established work. However, some people underestimate the whole seriousness of it.

We at Bright Side have collected the craziest things that people tried to smuggle through the border.

10. Dead snakes

This happened in Atlanta International Airport in 2007. A man coming from South Korea checked in a suitcase with jars and bottles stuffed with dead venomous snakes. We have no information as to what he was going to do with these dead creatures.

9. Cannonball

It's just an innocent story of a diver who accidentally found an old cannonball while exploring an 18th-century shipwreck and decided to check it in with his luggage. Security control determined it to be dangerous and possibly explosive, so they had to evacuate about 300 passengers to make sure everyone was safe.

8. Body of iPhones

This happened in 2014 in China. Airport security noticed something strange when a metal detector was set off. The man had 94 iPhones strapped to his body and was intending to sell these devices at a high price.

7. 200 tarantulas

We can only imagine the surprise of the security officers in Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport when they confiscated a bag from a German couple. It contained 200 bags with rare tarantulas that they were taking home from their trip to South America.

6. $1.2 million in gold bars

This discovery was made during a routine cleaning of an airplane traveling from Mumbai to Bangkok. 24 gold bars were found in the airplane's bathroom. However, this was not very surprising because India is the largest gold consumer in the world, and gold smuggling is rampant.

5. 51 tropical fish

In 2005, in Melbourne International Airport, a security officer noticed some strange movements on a woman's skirt. He decided to have her inspected, and it turned out that she was trying to smuggle 51 tropical fish hidden under her skirt.

4. Lipstick stun gun

A strange lipstick found in a woman's carry-on bag in Vermont aroused suspicion and was carefully examined. It turned out that it wasn't exactly for cosmetic use – it was a 350,000-volt stun gun.

3. 4 grenades

A passenger attempted to board a flight with 4 grenades in his bag. Of course, the specialists confiscated and checked the items to ensure everyone's safety, and the man was arrested.

2. Chastity belt

This one has nothing to do with crime or smuggling. It's just...weird. A British woman was stopped by security in the airport in Athens when passing through the metal detector. It turned out that she was wearing a chastity belt as a fidelity guarantee for her husband during her vacation.

1. 8-year-old boy

I think they took the term "put me in your suitcase" way too seriously.

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