The 11 Most Hilarious Sporting Moments Caught on Camera

Athletes invest a lot of effort in training and competition. Sportsmen and their fans deserve respect. But sometimes it's very difficult to control words or facial expressions when a team's victory is at stake.

Bright Side collected 11 ridiculously funny photos of sporting moments.

11. Single ladies, it's time for the tossing of the bouquet!

10. Hooray! Ball, it's you! Haven't seen you for ages!

9. Hey, girl! This is not the beach!

8. Sorry, but my favorite team is above all else.

7. Mommy, help! It's a BALL!

6. No offense, ladies!

5. These girls pretend to be towels on a towel rail.

4. This looks like a classic Renaissance painting.

3. I'll hold you, dude. We'll make it together. Stay strong!

2. Did he think that monkeys were better at basketball or what?

1. A routine warm-up before a fight

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Preview photo credit Imgur, saintreborn/Imgur
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