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The 14 Most Unusual Schools No One Wants to Skip

Back in our school years, there were so many boring lessons that even straight-A students were sometimes unwilling to attend them. We can all recall at least one story about how we skipped classes. However, today’s education authorities are trying to make the learning process more effective and pleasurable for students.

Today Bright Side presents you with the most innovative and coolest schools that have challenged the traditional learning environment. It would be very difficult to pull your kids out of these schools.

There are no walls in this Swedish school. Kids study in groups in different learning spaces.

No traditional classroom setups with desks and chairs — just large learning spaces.

Spaces in this school are separated by subtle borders with a unique and creative design.

There is a cozy place for everyone.

A room with a trampoline for hyperactive children.

A bench-lawn design.

The school design aims to foster creativity in children. Round spaces for relaxation and a wide spiral staircase greatly contribute to the education process.

To save space, architects came up with an innovative idea of building a playground right on the primary school’s rooftop in Zhejiang province, China.

Morning exercises in the schoolyard.

Everyone can check their knowledge or revise the material they’ve already covered.

The bright interior and comfortable armchairs of this modern library will certainly leave you stunned.

Colorful lights, wide stairs, and a park around this school will definitely grab all of your attention.

A school hallway with a triangular window.

A courtyard with a lawn and small colorful seats.

A small stage at the entrance to the school, where students can perform or enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.

So as not to get stuck behind slow people on the stairs, the school administration divided the stairs into three sections: for those in a hurry, for those who walk slowly, and for those who are glued to their smartphones.

This awesome school bus is equipped with everything you need to go on a long-distance trip.

What an amazing view from this school bathroom!

High school students painted their own parking spaces. One of the students wrote this: "If you’re reading this, I am late."

School life sounds and looks even brighter with this piano.

This school has a slide which allows students to get from the classroom to the playground in a few seconds. Just WOW!

Bonus: students behind bars in Wuhan, China

No, this is not a torture device. These metal bars prevent the children from keeping their faces too close to the paper while reading or writing and thus protect them from straining their eyes. Nearsightedness is a big problem in China: it is estimated that 41% of primary school children there need glasses.

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