The 15 Craziest Things That Have Ever Happened During a Flight

Millions of people fly every day, and some of them surprise passengers and aircrew with their actions.

Bright Side decided to collect some of the craziest things that have happened onboard a plane.

15. In case of an accident, birds will help the plane to fly.

14. "Ooops... Sir, we'll deport you in a tin can!"

13. "Do you want to talk about it?"

12. "Please, fasten your seat belts."

11. "Daddy, can we make a giraffe?"

10. HELP! Alien onboard!

9. "4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42.... I've got a creepy feeling."

8. When you're a model and have really long legs:

7. Underpants on the head – the latest fashion. Join them!

6. Make yourself at home, Rapunzel.

5. Is it too cold onboard for notebooks? Keep warm!

4. Everyone needs personal space...both horizontal and vertical.

3. Is it an inflatable girlfriend or just a pillow?

2. I wonder how it would look with turbulence?

1. Dude, is it after or before the hangover?

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