The 18 Weirdest Sweets You’ll Want to Try Anyway

The 18 Weirdest Sweets You’ll Want to Try Anyway

Manufacturers do their best to invent new food to surprise and astonish consumers. Especially when it comes to sweets: their tastes, shapes, and colors make you dizzy.

We at Bright Side collected the 18 weirdest sweets from all over the world, which we secretly want to try ourselves.

18. Candies that taste like earwax

Do you remember Bertie Bott's Beans from Harry Potter? If you are not afraid to try sweets that taste like earwax, boogers, soap, mud, vomit, rotten fish, socks, or beer (or other unusual flavors), then this info is for you: the Jelly Belly Candy Company has been producing such candies for 150 years.

17. Lollipops with scorpions, worms, and roaches

Hotlix has been making unique candies with insects inside them for more than 25 years. There are lollipops with scorpions and ants, crickets and worms in chocolate, and waffles with bugs. Still not enough for you? Help yourself to maggots that taste like cheese, BBQ, and spices or crickets with a sour cream and onion flavor.

16. Sweets in a urine sample bottle

They make a lot of absolutely crazy sweets at Candywarehouse! Liquid sour candies in urine sample bottles are among them. The representatives think that this candy works best for outstanding pranks.

15. Sugared violets

Sugared violets are a rare but popular dainty sweet produced and sold by La Violeta in Spain. Unlike ordinary candies made in the shape of a violet, La Violeta uses real flowers for their sweets.

14. "Gorilla Boogers"

This food doesn't only look and taste terrible but it can also be harmful to your health due to containing a large amount of phytoestrogen. "Gorilla Boogers" are beans that have been dried and sugared using a special technique.

13. Ice cream made with cookie dough

Cookie Dough Confections in New York offers a strange dessert: cookie dough in the likeness of ice cream. It is ordinary cookie dough with various toppings. Manufacturers say that the dough under discussion is safe for eating. Customers stand in long lines to buy these sweet items and write enthusiastic reviews. Still, there are some people who don't feel very well after eating the dough.

12. Toilet bowl candies

Moko Moko Mokoletto is a somewhat unusual kit for cooking candy. First, you make the plastic toilet bowl, and then you pour the special powder inside and cover it with water. The ingredients mix together, and you can drink the candy with a straw.

11. Soup candies

One more extremely popular Japanese candy is the soup candy. Consumers have to cook this special "soup" with the given instruments, and then it can be eaten.

10. Pepsi with ice cream, sweet beans, baobab, and snow cucumber flavors

PepsiCo is the world-famous soda manufacturer, and it likes to surprise its consumers. Apart from unusually colored drinks (including a colorless variation), they often produce limited soda collections. The world has already tried Pepsi with coffee, tropic fruit, perilla, strawberry, cinnamon, yogurt, pineapple, baobab, sakura, sweet azuki beans, and other flavors.

9. Camel Balls and Toro Balls chewing gum

Notwithstanding the fact that the appearance of these sweets shocks adults, children adore the gum with its tasty liquid filling.

8. Unicorn poop

The American Lolli & Pops company produces bright candies, the first to be "produced" by unicorns, so to say.

7. The KitKat you need to bake

Few of us know that Nestle makes more than 200 various KitKat flavors. Chocolates tasting like green tea, brandy, apricot, melon, pumpkin, French salt, kidney beans, soy, sakura, fried corn, and even sake. One of the most interesting variations is a KitKat you need to bake before eating.

6. Chewing gum with bacon and pickle flavors

Do you think that gums tasting like pickles or bacon are not so unusual? Well, then try the wasabi chewing gum!

5. Edible diamonds

Ameya Eltaro doesn't invite you to eat real diamonds, but they produce candies made of sugar shaped like the famous precious stones.The price for such a tasty masterpiece is about $35.

4. Oreos with pumpkin, beer, watermelon, and cheeseburger flavors

Besides the ordinary chocolate and fudge Oreos, the company makes cookies with the flavors of ice cream, pumpkin and cinnamon, peppermint, strawberry, coconut, peanut butter, and jam. Customers might also be happy to try the limited collections of cookies with butterbeer, cheeseburger, watermelon, and without cocoa.

3. Chocolate with bacon, mushrooms, and smoked salt

The American company Vosges Haut-Chocolat makes amazing chocolates and truffle sweets with pieces of real bacon, mushrooms, smoked salt, chopped ginger and wasabi, rose petals, exotic spices, and more.

2. Ice cream with vegetable flavors

Nobody is surprised by ordinary ice cream. That is why Häagen-Dazs has invented ice creams that taste like cherry and tomato, carrots and oranges, and with Japanese chestnuts inside. You'll be astonished trying to imagine how it tastes!

1. Jelly worm

Well, there is nothing unusual about this jelly worm...except for its size! Its length is about 96" inches, and it weighs about 26 pounds. This is a real sweet "bomb"! Would you like to try it?

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