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The 20 Most Epic Design Fails You’ve Ever Seen

It’s always fun to go to a toy store with your kids, isn’t it? But sometimes it seems that toy manufacturers choose to ignore what our favorite fairy tale characters looked like. Otherwise, how can they explain these weird "masterpieces"?

We at Bright Side have collected the 20 strangest toys from around the world and now we share them with you. Take a look!

Sweet little pony, what happened to you?

The unicorn is no better...

Winnie the Shrek

Is it a crab? Is it a baby doll? Who can tell?

Yes, it’s exactly what you think it is!

Harry, you look so real!

No more rose-colored glasses for Barbie.

What are you, weird creature?

Crazy Cat Lady — a role model for your independent kid?

You guys should get more sleep. The bags under your eyes totally give you away.

It’s like my worst nightmare from Jaws come true.

We’re scared too, Kevin!

That’s enough fun for today, baby. Go home!

Poor Winnie. What did they do to you?

Sponge Pikachu, I choose you!

Nothing unusual here. Just a cute doll with a mustache.

This kewpie knows how to party.

Apparently, Master Yoda did fall to the dark side.

Something went wrong...

Us after looking at all these toys.

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