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The Dream Job Does Exist: A Luxury Maldives Resort Is Hiring a Bookseller

The calm and soothing sound of the ocean waves, trees that look like they’re touching the sky and solitude that is perfectly distinguished from buzzing city life — if all those things make up the ideal reading spot for you, then we have to share something that will definitely meet your criteria.

At Bright Side, we were in disbelief at first after seeing if such a place was actually real. But upon further inspection, we quickly learned that this place was no joke!

Almost all of us have received spam emails claiming we’ve won a massive amount of prize money, a stake in properties etc. So, if you get this kind of mail in your inbox, chances are you will consider it to be spam too since it sounds too good to be true. But before you hit the delete button, let us explain how this job offer is just as legit as an office position.

The Maldives, the famous holiday island amidst the Indian ocean, is looking for a bookworm who can take up this job at one of their 5-star resorts, the Soneva Fushi eco-resort. Philip Blackwell is the man who has rolled out this irresistible job offer for the position of a bookseller.

The job, which requires the candidate to sign a 3-month contract, includes tasks like hosting creative writing classes for guests, entertaining kids with storybooks and writing for an engaging blog based on his or her experiences.

There is a wealth of options for those who like to read at famous holiday resorts. Coming from a famous bookseller family and having more than 250 popup bookshops that supply books for top resorts, cruise ships, and game reserves all over the world, Blackwell wanted to lay his bets on this famous Maldives resort.

It’s a dream job for many people. The villas at this beach resort have per day rent as high as $26,000. But this job will entitle you to enjoy it absolutely free of cost. Blackwell came up with this idea of opening a bookstore in a resort after he himself found a lack of good reading options while on a vacation.

The resort is frequently visited by the Royal Family of England, and popular Hollywood stars as well. That gives you another reason to apply for this dream job: to brush shoulders with popular icons! The listing was first published in the UK book industry website, BookBrunch. You better hurry before someone else swoops in and takes the job!

You can apply for this vacancy here or send your resume to

There will be a good mix of books that will be made available like famous local stories, stories about marine life, and some famous literature that is interesting to wealthy guests.

Selling quality books to rich people would make them start to enjoy the modest charm of a good book. This is a trend luxury cruise ships and high-end hotels are starting to tap into. Anyone can read anything on their devices but only a discerning few can afford a wall full of first editions.

Are you also tempted by this job offer? Do the noble job of sharing this opportunity with your friends as well!

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