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The Lip Color You Choose Most Often Reveals a Lot About You

This might sound strange, but the inside of your makeup bag reveals a lot about who you are. When we put on makeup we express ourselves through color. Different shades and tones have different meanings, like red usually indicates passion and orange represents cheerfulness.

Bright Side decided to have some fun and share which secrets each shade of lipstick reveals about their wearer.


You have a great sense of humor, and usually spend your free time around friends or meeting new people. You’re a social butterfly with a naturally playful personality, which always brings people’s attention to you when you’re out and about. People love you for your jokes and positivity.


You’re bold and fearless when faced with new challenges. One of the most important things to you is to relentlessly chase your dreams and work hard to reach your goals. You also have an appreciation for simple, classic things, which is what the iconic red lip stands for.


You’re a caretaker in your group of friends. Whenever someone has an issue, they’ll turn to you for comfort and understanding. You’re very loving and empathetic, sometimes to the point of being a bit emotional. However, people appreciate you for your sensitivity.


You enjoy the simple things in life and try to do more with less. What you value most is honesty and you don’t sugarcoat things, not even with strangers. Your friends love you for your chill, down-to-earth personality, as well as your ability to relax and be in touch with your inner self.


For you, family always comes first. The more time you spend with your family, the happier you are. You’re a big fan of tradition and enjoy making good memories to look back on. You’re a nostalgia lover, which is why you might also be a fan of old films, music, and fashion.


Once you know what you want, and nothing can stop you. Some might say you’re stubborn, but you’re just highly determined. You’re a natural born leader and have a strong will that makes people listen and follow you easily. You enjoy competition and won’t take anything less than a victory.


You don’t care what anyone says about you. You live your life for you and strive to be as independent as possible. Rules were made to be broken and you like to rebel and think outside of the box. You have a strong philosophical side to you and you’re always questioning the world around you.


You are an artist: extremely creative and unique in other people’s eyes. People might sometimes struggle to understand you, but the truth is that you’re ahead of your time. You’re quirky and cheerful, and perhaps even a bit idealistic. However, you dream big and crazy and make it happen.

This was all just for fun — at the end of the day, we’re all unique in our own way. How much of this was true for your favorite color lipstick? Tell us what your go-to lipstick shade is!

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