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The Police Leave an Adorable Note for a Sloppy Driver, and People Can’t Stop Sharing It Because It’s Perfect

Everybody knows that it’s not an easy-breezy task to park your car properly. On a scale between building a skyscraper and creating a spaceship, it can be placed somewhere in the middle. Don’t be quick to judge these drivers, they aren’t careless, they just lack those important parking skills. Luckily, the Southlake Police Department suggested a ground-breaking method to help them, and what is more mind-boggling here is that they don’t even have to get behind the wheel to practice.

After repeated discussions, Bright Side managed to reserve the right to share this secret information with our readers. Make sure to complete the task they suggest, as we are going to evaluate your driving skills in the comments later.

This is the kind of a story we have to deal with almost every day. Sometimes we are the ones who get angry when we are looking for a free parking space and see a car that has taken up 2 spaces. But sometimes we can be the ones who hastily leave their car without paying attention to problems other drivers may face because of us.

The same thing happened to someone else and police officers shared a photo of their car. It was not only parked outside of the lines, but it was also partially parked in a handicap spot. There was a piece of paper tucked under the windshield wiper in the photo. And it wasn’t a ticket, because this police department decided to deal with this situation in an unusual and creative way.

This mysterious piece of paper turned out to be a funny note. It said, “We noticed you had a little trouble staying in the lines when you parked next to a handicapped space... Maybe if you practice coloring our patch and staying in the lines here, it could help you avoid citations in the future?” The note included an image of the police shield, specifically for this purpose.

The police department got overwhelmingly positive feedback. It seems that many people have had to deal with this problem:

  • “We live over in University Park and fight this battle daily as our 19-year-old son is a special needs individual who is also dependent on his mom and me to transfer him into and out of our van into his wheel chair. We dream of the day when everyone thinks of others and not just themselves!”
  • “I love this post! Having an adapted vehicle for my daughter with special needs, we need every bit of space for loading and unloading.”

Moreover, this also helped those who like to “run inside for just a minute” recognize the problem:

  • “This is phenomenal! I’d color it in and send it to the Chief thanking him that I didn’t get a ticket and promising to do better in the future.”

The officers mentioned that in everyday work, they try to avoid “snark and sass,” but sometimes it’s very difficult to do. With this note the officers wanted to remind people that it’s important to “be kind and drive kind and park kind,” especially if there is a handicap space next to you. Otherwise, you may be very disappointed to come back to see a ticket on your windshield.

Can you call yourself a parking guru? Share a colored shield with us to prove it.

Preview photo credit SouthlakeDPS / Twitter
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