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The Shape of Your Thumb Can Reveal Something About Your Personality, and It’s Curious to Learn About

Our hands can reveal a lot about us, even the shape of your finger can say a lot to a criminalist, especially a thumb which is often not even considered a finger. It is unique because it has 2 phalanges rather than 3 and it controls your handwriting. This digit makes us different in comparison to other animals, but also among ourselves. Just take a look at the shape of your thumb.

Bright Side found an interesting thumb classification tool that can reveal something about your personality. Take a look at the picture and find the description below.

Your thumb looks like A-type

If both phalanges of the thumb are the same, you are a balanced person who tries to find harmony and peace. People with this thumb shape are mostly calm and good at talking and teaching, and all your knowledge is tested with life.

There are many friends and relatives around you who need your attention or a good piece of advice because you show empathy like no one else.

Your thumb looks like B-type

If your first part of a thumb is longer than the second one, then you are a perfectionist. You are very dedicated to your ideas and are never satisfied with the details. Everything has to be perfect and in order, and there is always something that you need to achieve.

Sometimes you can be obsessed with an idea, but always find a modest way to succeed, and prefer to take an action. People respect you for your honesty and can rely on your word.

Your thumb looks like C-type

If the bottom part of your thumb is bigger than the top, you are a hard worker. Life probably doesn’t give you an easy way to succeed, but you will overcome any obstacles and always find the good. People with this thumb shape are confident and smart. You bring intelligence into every dream.

Your ideas are always clear and there are not many things that confuse you, that is why you are very often appreciated at work as a reliable person.

Your thumb is flexible

Put your hand into a “thumbs up” position. If you have a flexible finger, you’re more expressive and emotional than people with straight thumbs. This shape is also called the Hitchhiker’s thumb. People like you easily adapt to changing circumstances and new environments.

You are very creative and artistic. Art is made for you. Individuals with flexible thumbs are open to the world and very curious. Their mind finds interesting ways of solving problems and achieving goals.

Your thumb is straight

Put your hand into a “thumbs up” position. Now pay attention to what your thumb looks like. If it is straight and not flexible, you are a stubborn person who likes to dominate. Some people might think that you look like a stone with your poker face, but admire that you keep your promises. They can always rely on you.

Sometimes people might try to take advantage of your trust and ability to keep your word, but mostly you can analyze everything immediately and make the right choices without harming yourself.​​​​​​​

What kind of thumb do you have? Tell us in the comment section below and share with your friends if our article was interesting for you.

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