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The World Will Always Be Full of Surprises, and We’ve Found More Pictures to Prove It

Do you think that in the 21st century it's impossible to see something you haven't seen at least once in pictures online? How about orange turtles or a fishing rod that was struck by lightning? The world still has a lot of surprises to show us, all we need to do is look around a little.

Bright Side put together 24 impressive photos that manage to amaze everyone who sees them.

24. These aren't rocks, they're snake eggs.

23. Have you ever seen a tram giving way to a train?

22. A vintage perfume machine that was used before perfume testers were popular

21. An orange turtle was found in Vietnam.

20. The biggest crab in the world

19. Clouds above Kansas

18. A deer's bones grew around an arrow.

17. A human microbiome cut out of paper

16. This entire house is being moved to a different place.

15. This crystal looks like some technology of the future.

14. "This huge dragonfly that just landed on my dad's head"

13. Ants managed to eat through these candy canes.

12. "A long exposure photograph I took of this morning's SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launch. The water in the foreground made for a beautiful reflection."

11. This house’s street number is “0”.

10. This flower grows right underwater.

9. "This picture I took of a jellyfish makes it look like it's in outer space."

8. This is a mountain of salt.

7. Lightning struck this fishing rod.

6. The water at this supermarket comes in bags.

5. Bricks made from Himalayan pink rock salt.

4. This caterpillar's camouflage

3. This hotel bathroom has a clear sink.

2. This ice cave in Iceland shines during sunset.

1. The sky in Wyoming

Do you have similarly amazing photos of your own? Share them in the comments below.

Preview photo credit notyouravrgd / Reddit
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