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There Is a Modeling Agency Where 90-60-90 Is the Age of the Models

Igor Gavar, a photographer from Omsk, is the founder of the first modeling agency for the older generation in Russia — OLDUSHKA. It has existed for just 1.5 years, and it already has 4 branch offices: in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Chelyabinsk, and Omsk.

We at Bright Side are amazed by the beauty and grace of the people in this article, and we can't choose who is the number one model. What do you think?

Nina Ivanovna, 75 years old

Irina Denisova, 80 years old

Irina Belisheva, 70 years old

Sergey Arctica, 45 years old

Tatyana Nekludova, 61 years old

Olga Kondrasheva, 71 years old

Victor Sosnovtsev, 73 years old

Valentina Yasen, 63 years old

Ivan Petkov, 53 years old

Valeriya, 79 years old

Galina, 69 years old

Ludmila Brazhkina, 63 years old

Sergey Arctica and Valentina Yasen

These older models pose for fashion magazines, star in commercials, and make different photo projects as if they have been doing it for their entire lives — but they haven't. Many of them started doing this only after they retired. Do you think it was the right choice? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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