These beautiful biodegradable plates are made entirely from leaves

We all know that disposable plates are terrible for the environment. But equally, who doesn’t love an impromptu BBQ or picnic on a summer’s day? If only someone could create a solution which solves the need for convenience without contributing to our planet’s landfill. 

Driven by this exact conundrum, and inspired by indigenous communities who have used leaves and other natural materials to serve food for centuries, German start-up Leaf Republic was founded. After conducting intensive research for over three years, a campaign was launched to crowd-fund the next stage of bringing them to the mass market.

Here are just some of the amazing benefits of these plates: 

  • They are 100% natural: each of the three layers is made entirely out of large leaves, stitched together with palm leaf fibers.  
  • Absolutely zero synthetics, chemical binders, or glue hold the layers together: they are simply compressed with the help of a machine. 
  • They are completely waterproof: no more soggy cardboard to dampen our picnic spirit when the heavens decide to open! 
  • Not only are they fully biodegradable, they do so within 28 days (unused they have a shelf life of approximately 18 months) - that’s quicker than an apple core!
  • Their unique and natural texture give a tactile freshness that feels miles away from shiny and heavily processed paper plates. 
  • They look BEAUTIFUL. Exquisitely designed with contemporary lines, they will give your BBQ some serious wow factor. 

Needless to say, we’re sold. To find out more about this awesome green tableware range, and maybe just save the planet at the same time, take a look at Leaf Republic’s website


Preview photo credit Leaf Republic
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