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These men explained what it means to be married to an Instagram lover

Girls are capable of many things when in pursuit of a perfect shot for Instagram, and their husbands know it for sure. Recently, these men launched a special Internet community called INSTAGRAM HUSBAND. Here these poor guys share the difficulties they have to overcome in attempts to take the best photographs.

The Bright Side team enthusiastically follows the emotional stories of these men which are full of warm humor and love.

'I wanted to order biscuits and gravy, but I was told they wouldn't go with the color scheme. So I guess I like eggs now. Eggs with Sriracha.'

'She asked for a Pendleton shirt for Christmas so she can 'gram it. I'm not even kidding.'

'She missed another job interview today because the light was 'just perfect.' '

'I took 57 photos of her putting on Chapstick at this exact angle while trying not to be in the picture. HELP.'

'She said this picture was her favorite from our walk in the woods because she looked 'totally natural.' Because everyone walks around with their lips parted and their hands on their collar, right?'

'I've taken so much crap over blurry photos that I'll now share my hard-learned lesson with you: DO NOT, under any circumstances, try to take a requested photo of your wife one-handed standing up. It MUST be with two hands, and crouching is preferable for maximum stability.'

'I played a game of 'try-to-make-the-Queen's-Guard-flinch.' I lost.'

'Trying really hard to not eat the donut. Damnit.'

'She had me stand in front of 4 sections of this wall to take pictures while she jumped up and down for a good 15 minutes. A small crowd gathered to watch.'

'We're walking in this park, having a great conversation, then out of nowhere and without saying a word, she just walks over to a pile of leaves and lies down, pretending to sleep. I know what this means: 'Get out your phone.' '

'I have no idea whose dog that is.'

'I thought we were just walking around the corner to get bagels. Thirty minutes later...we still didn't have those bagels, man. I should have realized the milkmaid braid could potentially thwart our weekend plans.'

'It only took 100 tries but eventually we ended up with an 'approved' post.'

'Scheduled a photo shoot on Saturday for her blog and got all the way to the wall we scouted to take pictures, and she forgot her hat. Had to take the train 6 stops back and forth to get it because it 'complemented the wall so well.' '

'Anytime she wears that teal purse, I know how I'm spending my afternoon.'

'She got her new yoga bra in the mail so of course we had to drive to the beach for her first 'workout' in it.'

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Based on materials from Instagram husband
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