Think There’s Nothing Left in the World That Can Surprise You? Here Are 15+ Photos Proving the Absolute Opposite

Have you ever seen a python climb a tree with a vertical, smooth trunk? How about multi-colored carrots or a wooden bathtub priced at $30,000? Even if you can’t imagine what volcanic ash is made of, you’ve got to see this compilation of the incredible things and events that surround us.

Bright Side put together 17 things that will impress anyone who likes to explore the world and admire unusual things. Read until the end — you’ll find a breath-taking bonus!

The way that this sewer grate opens reminds us of the entrance to a dragon’s dungeon.

Hotel Parkroyal in Singapore looks as if it’s straight out of a drawing on a computer screen.

This $30,000 handmade wooden bathtub

Freedom of the Spell by Francesco Queirolo,1757. The net is made of marble too!

Recycled cardboard used as an alternative to bubble wrap.

A box of slushy straws

A banana fan

An unequally divided chocolate bar you’d definitely enjoy.

The Old Colony Building, Chicago. Built in 1893, the building was power washed in 2009.

A current Japanese trend is polishing tin foil balls to perfection.

Here are the instructions on how to make it.

What a disguise!

This kitten saw a dog for the first time.

Numbers carved out of pencil lead

This urinal in a German bar had a soccer goal and movable ball inside of it.

Power lines fell and made these burn marks on the sidewalk.

The bathroom at this restaurant has a foot pedal for the tap.

Carrots come in different colors.

What surprised you the most about what you’ve just seen? Tell us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit albo_underhill / reddit
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