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This brilliant site helps you find out if you have a twin

There is a theory that there are seven other people in the world who look or who once looked exactly like you, and that they’re simply scattered around the planet or lived in a different period of time. The likelihood is, therefore, that you will never meet any of them. To test this theory, three young people — Niamh Geaney, Harry English and Terence Manzanga — created the website Twin Strangers. It turns out that the results this site often comes up with are truly astonishing!

First, you have to upload a photograph to the site and select your facial characteristics.

Then it becomes remarkably simple: you’re presented with pictures of people with a similar appearance, and you have the option to make contact with those who match. You can find people who are quite astonishingly similar to you:

Here are some of the first ’twins’ the site managed to find:


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