This Is What Flight Attendant Training in China Looks Like

If you ever travel with Chinese airlines, take a good look at the flight attendants pouring your coffee. After all, these girls’ beautiful smiles and perfect posture are the result of many hours of intense training and hard work.

Today, we here at Bright Side have decided to tell you about what young women have to go through to get a job as a flight attendant in China.

These charming girls are the students of the College of Civil Aviation in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. Trainee stewardesses practice a graceful smile by holding a chopstick between their teeth. They also place magazines on their heads to achieve the perfect posture.

Another exercise that helps the girls to get great posture is balancing. Student air hostesses have to balance a glass bottle on their heads for three minutes.

Trainee stewardesses also hold a piece of paper between their knees in order to learn how to stand properly.

Young men and women undergo rigorous posture training to ensure they behave appropriately during the flight.

Safety is also a big priority at the College. There are even special classes where students are taught survival skills and martial art techniques like Kung Fu and Taekwondo.

Some martial arts classes are held in the open air, and they look more like the training of army recruits than that of newbie flight attendants.

The girls work hard to become stronger and to increase the force of their hit. They are trained how to go through obstacle courses as well as how to defend against an edged weapon attack. Passing the final exam is the last step to becoming an official member of a cabin crew, however this task is rather challenging. To become a successful college graduate, students have to break a ceramic plate with one hand on their first try.

Special attention is paid to the lessons where trainee flight attendants are taught how to neutralize a criminal’s or terrorist’s intentions during the flight.

It’s hard to believe, but these charming ladies undergo rigorous and intense training in an effort to make every passenger feel safe and comfortable onboard.

Based on materials from ca-news
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