A Supposed Titanic Survivor Claims an Iceberg Didn’t Destroy the Ship

We all know from books and movies that the Titanic sank because of an iceberg but there is some fresh evidence that says there were explosions and fires and that those are what made the ship sink! This changes history. Let’s check some facts that can shed some light on these new circumstances.

We at Bright Side did our own investigation and checked out evidence that could prove or debunk that the Titanic sank because of explosions, and you can make your own conclusions.

Survivor Vaghinak Byurat never mentioned an iceberg.

Vaghinak Byurat was one of the brightest representatives among the very educated people of Constantinople at that time and was planning a business trip to America, where he had to take a large batch of books. It’s thought that he bought his tickets for the Titanic and that he was one of its passengers. And he survived.

Shahen Khachtryan knew Vaghinak, and interviewed him in person. He later wrote about the story of what happened on the ship. Byurat lived a long life and often talked about the sinking of the Titanic. The most interesting thing was that he never mentioned an iceberg. Instead Byurat would always talk about an explosion that led to the sinking of the ship.

He would probably have been blown off if other survivors hadn’t also stepped up and talked about explosions too.

What other survivors saw during the sinking of the Titanic

Other survivors claimed that there had been 2-4 explosions on the Titanic. It’s no wonder that in a panic, they might have gotten the story twisted. Researcher and author Bill Wormstedt also provided some evidence about this fact which he learned from interviewing the survivors. Their claims could convince you to consider that it might not have been an iceberg.

  • Major Arthur G. Peuchen who was a First Class passenger said that he definitely heard an explosion and after that, the ship started to sink.
  • George Frederick Crowe was a steward in a lifeboat. In his interview, he said that there had been an explosion and then the aft part had turned on end and sunk.

But we still want to know if there is real proof that the Titanic sank because of an explosion!

Researchers say that the passengers could’ve survived, but the Titanic sank due to an enormous fire.

At the time, the Titanic engineers didn’t understand the dangers of the electrolysis that could convert seawater into explosive hydrogen gas. John Wickman concluded in his book, Titanic, The Hidden Evidence, that they made a mistake. They kept the lights on, which caused the explosions. Had they not done this, the Titanic could’ve stayed afloat and the passengers could’ve survived.

Wickman believes that the first explosion happened between 1:10 and 1:20 AM. But he said there was another explosion that split the ship in half and that was the reason for the catastrophe.

It was a perfect match of extraordinary factors and journalist Senan Molony confirms this. He spent more than 30 years researching why the Titanic sank. He came to the conclusion that “fire, ice, and criminal negligence” were the cause of this disaster.

What do you think was the real reason behind the Titanic sinking? Do you think the passengers could’ve survived? Please write your comments below and share your opinion with us!

Preview photo credit unknown / Wikimedia Commons
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