Try to Cope With 6 Tasks That Require You to Use All Your Logic and Intelligence

We all like solving different riddles — very simple ones about scissors and light bulbs, and difficult ones that make us think hard for a long time. Such riddles exercise the brain and help us keep it in shape even in old age.

Bright Side offers you 6 logical tasks. Some of them will take a few seconds and others require more time and effort. Will you accept the challenges and check your skills? The right answers are at the very end of the article.

1. Fake coins riddle

You have 3 golden coins, one of which is fake, and one scale. The fake coin weighs less than the other 2. How do you determine which coin is fake?

2. Challenge for a chef

In order to win in the culinary competition, the chef needs to cook 6 stakes in 15 minutes using only one frying pan. He can only put 4 steaks on the pan at a time. How can the chef do it?

3. Worker's salary

A farmer hired a worker to build a water well. He promised to pay him with gold every day. The worker said that it would take him 7 days and he would start on Monday.

The farmer had a gold bar and he planned to saw 1/7 of the bar every day. However, when he looked at the tool he wanted to use for sawing, he realized that he could only make two cuts. What should he do to not break the deal?

4. Chickens and eggs

An old lady had 3 chickens that made 3 eggs in 3 days. One day she wanted to get more eggs, so she bought 12 more chickens. How many eggs will the old lady have in 15 days?

5. Knights and princess

Once upon a time, a king wanted to find a husband for his daughter and he arranged a knight tournament. The candidates had to endure a lot of challenges, and at the end, there were only two men left. In order to decide who would marry his daughter, the king ordered the knights to ride their horses to the lake. The one who came last would get the princess.

The knights mounted their horses and rode to the lake very slowly. It took them a week as neither of them wanted to be the first. Finally, they got off the horses, shook each other's hands and decided to go home. But then the princess came to them and whispered something in their ears. The knights jumped on their horses and rushed to the lake. What did the princess say?

6. 3 Doors

A boy was walking in the forest and found an abandoned cabin. He decided to enter it. After he got in, the door closed behind him. The place was very dark. The boy found a light switch, but there was no electricity. And then, he heard a voice that told him he could get out of the cabin through one of the three doors.

  • Behind the first door, there were thousands of poisonous snakes that could kill instantly.
  • Behind the second door, there was an electric chair and an executioner who would kill the boy immediately.
  • Behind the third door, there was a lion that hadn't eaten for many days.

How does the boy get out?


1. You need to put any 2 coins on the scale. If both of them have the same weight, then the third one is fake.

2. Put 4 steaks on the pan and fry them for 5 minutes. After that, flip two of them, and substitute the other two with 2 fresh ones and fry them for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, flip two steaks, and substitute the ready steaks with two steaks that are half-ready and fry them for 5 minutes.

3. The farmer needs to saw the bar in three parts: 1/7, 2/7, and 4/7 — only two cuts are needed and this is how the farmer had to pay:

Monday: pay 1/7 of the bar.

Tuesday: pay 2/7 of the bar and take away 1/7.

Wednesday: give 1/7 to the worker again.

Thursday: give 4/7 of the bar and take 1/7 and 2/7.

Friday: give the 1/7 of the bar again.

Saturday: give the 2/7 of the bar and take the 1/7.

Sunday: give the worker the 1/7 of the bar.

4. If you said 15, you made a mistake. If three chickens made 3 eggs in 3 days, it means that 1 chicken makes 1 egg every three days. It means that in 15 days, it will make 5 eggs. So, 15 chickens will make 75 eggs.

5. The princess told the knights to exchange their horses.

6. The boy should take the door with the electric chair — there is no electricity in the cabin, so the executioner won't be able to do anything.

Illustrated by Natalia Kulakova for Bright Side
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