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Try to Look at the 18 Photos Without Completely Losing It

Life is great, but sometimes the littlest annoyances can push us over the edge! Instead of freaking out, maybe we can try having a laugh...well, we said, try.

The Bright Side team has put together a compilation of some of life's most annoying yet hilarious situations - many of which have probably happened to you!

When half of your cake stays on these stupid wrappers.

Who thought making erasers like this was a good idea?

I can't think of one person who won't be infuriated by this.

You are so happy to finally have found a parking spot, until you notice...

The most delicious part is completely lost.

Why can't they make sturdier wires?

Every. Single. Time.

My eye just started twitching.

No, not this again.

Oh, this spoon.

Hard butter, soft bread.

I don't even know what grinds my gears more: the badly polished nails or the box?


Just trying to walk, here!

Every morning.

Please tear nice and straight, thank you.

Filling, where are you going?

No comment.

And what situations freak you out the most? Share in the comments!

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