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Try to Look at These 20 Things Without Saying “Wow!”

Our world is a wonderful place and a whole lifetime is not enough to explore it. Even the oldest among us never stop being amazed by the number of interesting things that surround them.

Here at Bright Side we've decided to share 20 pictures with you that surprised us. We hope they won't leave you indifferent.

20. A volcano erupting right in Calbuco, Chile

19. We bet you haven't seen a dog from this angle.

18. The village of Bourtange, Vlagtwedde, Netherlands

17. A make up project that illustrates what the same hand looks like with different tones of skin color

16. This is what the hooves of a newborn foal look like.

15. A scar made during laser eye surgery

14. The heart of a whale

13. This 512-year-old Greenland shark is the world's oldest vertebrate.

12. A skull of an arsinoitherium looks like it was created by a fantasy writer.

11. Bismuth

10. The "Titanic" compared to a modern cruise line ship

9. The Sun seen through an ultraviolet lens

8. The Eltz castle, Germany

7. Laerdal tunnel

6. This is how sakura blossoms look from above.

5. The first flower that grew in space

4. They sell frozen fried eggs in Spain.

3. An octopus is riding a sea turtle.

2. I wonder what kind of chicken could come out of this egg?

1. This is a human tail.

Which picture impressed you most of all? Share your opinion with us in the comments?

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