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Turns Out Women Are Better Drivers, but Men Shouldn’t Worry

Turns Out Women Are Better Drivers, but Men Shouldn’t Worry

Some of us might find this a bit surprising but statistics prove that women are much more sensible on the road then guys. And there’s a very good, absolutely natural explanation for it — very natural.

We at Bright Side find this comparison of results quite fascinating and can’t wait to share it with our readers.

We can't deny the fact that men and women are quite different. After centuries of evolution, men and women’s brains began developing slightly differently. This is simply because they had a different purpose, different targets, and different things to worry about. And all those differences made men and women very different drivers.

Research has shown that men have more active parietal lobes in their brains which makes them better at, what specialists call, spatial skills. Spatial ability, when applied to driving skills, make it possible to visualize objects, turn them to 3D versions, and even rotate them. That's why men have no problem reading maps and don't have to keep turning around so the street on the map points exactly in the same direction they're driving.

Men were hunters and developed the feeling of speed, distance, and movement to get food. That’s why men, in general, are better at it (although, they don’t need to chase after lunch anymore). In terms of driving, it means that they are better at parking, reading maps, judging distances, and are quicker at making decisions. But just because they might say, "I told you so," on the road, doesn't make them better drivers.

Good driving is about safety, not speed. If we go back to looking at brain development, women were responsible for keeping the home safe from potential predators and they could sense any change in the environment by noticing strange noises or movement. That’s why women often feel that they should just give way to that idiot driver that steers like a maniac and stay safe. And while women do this, guys will slam their foot down and go even faster.

Research has shown that women's brains have a better connection between hemispheres while men's brains are more active within each hemisphere. In other words, for men, the brain activity mainly moves back and forth, while the female brain pathway looks like a zigzag. That's why women tend to take many things into consideration when making a decision.

Additionally, women are way better at following rules and regulations, including those that pertain to driving. Generally speaking, male drivers will take you from point A to point B faster, while women will make it safer. And statistics prove this theory. Men get way more fines for speeding, drunk driving, and breaking rules.

Enough words, let's have a look at some numbers. While the male and female numbers are similar, when it comes to lawbreaking on the road, male offenders dominate by almost 4 times over females in every single aspect – speeding, careless driving, and drunk driving. In a New York City traffic study, 80% of all serious car accidents were caused by male drivers.

Keep in mind that this is all very general and most of us personally know a few “Speedy Gonzales” girls and men who believe in safe driving. However, examples can't argue with statistics. Either way, be a sensible driver — it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Who do you think is better at driving from your own experience, men or women? We really want to know your opinion.

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