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Types of People You Might Meet at the Beach This Summer

Summer is that amazing time when you can finally go on vacation, get some rest at the beach, enjoy warm water, and relax in the shade of the palm trees. But remember you'll be sharing the beach with different people who have diverse personalities and their own agenda for the day.

Bright Side decided to illustrate some common characters that you'll most likely meet at the beach this summer.

14. The northerner

Motto: "Haven't you forgotten your sunscreen?"

Attributes: sunscreen lotions, sunscreen sprays, an umbrella, a hat, a shirt, a towel, sunburn lotions.

Characteristics: Still gets a sunburn under an umbrella, in cloudy weather.

13. The "Zac Efron" of the beach

Motto: "Give me some body oil!"

Attributes: mini swim shorts, body oil, sunglasses.

Characteristics: gets ready for summer in advance somehow and can take a perfect picture with you to piss off your ex.

12. The sun lover

Motto: "I have to tan every last part of my body!"

Attributes: comfy swim shorts that get turned into an elegant thong.

Characteristics: can walk around and look into the distance with a straight face.

11. The treasure hunter

Motto: "I might meet the love of my life here."

Attributes: a sexy swimsuit, high heels, rings, bracelets, and anything that sparkles.

Characteristics: knows everything about photogenic angles.

10. The sculptor

Motto: "Let's build a sandcastle!"

Attributes: their own hands, a plastic cup, upgraded versions also have a bucket and a shovel.

Characteristics: can build a real 3-story sand palace in just 30 minutes.

9. The bare-it-all

Motto: "I wanna wear strapless dresses."

Attributes: hands and seashells.

Characteristics: can enjoy herself and pays no attention to the people staring at her.

8. The dolphin

Motto: "Water is everything I need."

Attributes: arms and legs.

Characteristics: has the ability to make really big splashes.

7. The Instagrammer

Motto: #legs #bestday #vacation #like #hot #sea #summer #lovesummer #summer2018 #summerrocks

Attributes: phone camera.

Characteristics: can spend all day taking pictures and editing them in search of the perfect shot.

6. The foodie

Motto: "Water makes me feel hungry!"

Attributes: soda, chips, nuts, fruit, berries...

Characteristics: always eating something; provides street and beach vendors with a constant income.

5. The prankster

Motto: "Yeah! That's gonna be funny!"

Attributes: jellyfish and other sea creatures.

Characteristics: quietly creeps up on people.

4. The party animal

Motto: "I came here to party!"

Attributes: beer, a hat, a strange suntan.

Characteristics: wakes everyone up at night and ready to party.

3. The athlete

Motto: "Oops, sorry I hit you with the ball again..."

Attributes: a football, a volleyball, a frisbee.

Characteristics: always throwing a ball; makes noise and stirs up dust; annoys everyone around.

2. The wave surfer

Motto: "We haven't tried jet skiing yet!"

Attributes: all extreme sports and water rides.

Characteristics: just rocks.

1. The family

Motto: "No! Don't touch that! Don't put that in your mouth! Where's your hat?"

Attributes: loud voices, small kids.

Characteristics: families make so much noise that even people who aren't on the beach can hear them.

Which types of people do you usually see at the beach?

Author Illustrator: Natalia Breeva
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