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Users Shared Their Less-Than-Perfect Portrait Tattoos

With the help of tattoos, we often try to perpetuate our memories or to pay tribute to loved ones we honor or have lost. Some people do it in a beautiful and interesting way. But sometimes there are misfires.

Portraits aren't an easy genre of art. It becomes even more difficult when people do it on their bodies without the ability to edit and correct.

Bright Side has gathered some vivid examples of portrait tattoos gone wrong, proving that sometimes it's better to just do a simple tattoo.

1. Captain Jack Sparrow has changed.

2. Cheerful Marilyn

3. It's hard to recognize this Egyptian queen.

4. Looks more like a zombie than a pretty woman.

5. A damaged Joker

6. Not cute at all...

7. What's with the second eye?

8. Ryan Gosling turned into a crab.

9. An exact copy

10. It doesn't seem to be Muhammad Ali...

11. A grandpa instead of a baby

12. A strange Freddie Mercury

13. 2 different girls

14. Miley Cyrus is so "gorgeous".

15. "Mother will be pleased with such a portrait."

16. This baby is ready to bite you.

17. Angelina Jolie looks too dangerous.

18. In loving "memoy"...

19. This child will be surprised in several years.

20. This tattoo could replace the cover photo.

21. Batman?

Would you ever get a portrait tattoo? Or maybe you already have one? Tell us in the comments.

Preview photo credit iolenesupreme / reddit
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