We Haven’t Noticed These 7 Substitutes in "Friends" So Far

We at Bright Side are seriously puzzled: we thought we knew our favorite Friends by heart. Yet we were wrong. It turned out there were substitutions that remained unnoticed for us. Here they are! If you find more examples, tell us in the comments.

That’s not Monica!

Where: season 8, episode 5

Rachel turns into an unknown girl in a plaid shirt

Where: season 9, episode 15

Another "Ross" in other clothes...with a pink book

Where: season 9, episode 16

Of course, they’re not imposters: they’re doubles who are always ready to replace the actors if they have to leave or are absent on the day of a scene’s re-shooting. But how haven’t we noticed this before?

Even apartments mysteriously change numbers

Where: season 1, episode 1/episode 9

In this sitcom, they substitute not only people but even...apartment numbers. The most devoted spectators noticed that apartments with numbers “4“ and ”5“ for a couple of episodes turned into “19” and ”20″! The creators of the series explained themselves by telling that, for the floor where the characters lived, these were more appropriate numbers.

In 7 seconds one inscription disappears and another appears

Where: season 4, episode 20

In just a few seconds “Poop“ written on the board turns into ”get out!" and vice versa.

A window that turns to the camera

Where: all seasons

As you understand, inside the cafe its name should be reflected in reverse. Yet it looks the same both inside and outside. If the inscriptions are on both sides, then the pattern of steam doesn’t match. And from the street, it seems that the famous sofa is missing inside.

Ross vanishes into thin air

Where: season 5, episode 17

Sure, there are many more substitutes in the 236 episodes of our favorite sitcom. And this is an excellent opportunity to watch it anew. More carefully.

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