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We Will Guess Your Real and Psychological Age in a Minute!

Age — both psychological and actual — is an exciting thing: it determines a lot of things about us.

We at Bright Side found a couple of interesting tests. Check them out for yourself, and try them out on your friends!

Guess the real age in 6 questions.

Psychological age

Psychological age is a different thing, so answer these questions to find out something new about yourself.

Answer without thinking too much.

My birthday is:

  1. Something to ignore.
  2. A time when my family comes together.
  3. A reason to party!

Which TV shows do you like?

  1. Documentaries.
  2. TV dramas.
  3. Reality shows.

What would you do if you won the lottery?

  1. Spend some and save the rest.
  2. Pay off the mortgage.
  3. Go shopping, partying, and have a great time.

What are your hobbies?

  1. Sewing, knitting, gardening, playing cards.
  2. Running, cooking, yoga.
  3. Games, parties, sports.

We have divided the answers into 3 psychological age groups. If you have mostly 1s in your answers, it would indicate that you have mostly the traits of a mature, older person’s character. If you have more 2s, that is an indication of middle age. 3s suggest a teenager or a person in their 20s.

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