We’ve All Tried to Lose Weight at Least Once, But These 15 People Do It With Class

Admit it: at least once in your life, you have tried to lose weight or considered having a more healthy lifestyle. And that was probably very hard!

Bright Side found 15 photos that are familiar to anyone who has tried being on a diet or who used to work out regularly. At the end of the article, there is a useful piece of advice that will make your path to the ideal figure easier.

15. This is what a diet is like:

14. "I bought my cat a feeding device with a timer to make him lose weight. This is how he sleeps now."

13. "I started a diet this week. My family is very supportive."

12. It was nice while it lasted...

11. "She said we were on a diet and had to switch from bread to crispbread!"

10. "First days at the gym!"

9. "Nice try, healthy lifestyle."

8. And I really wanted to!

7. The downside of a healthy diet:

6. "My boss and I have a competition to see who can lose more weight. Today is my birthday, and this was his present."

5. My second day on a diet:

4. Acquitted of all charges!

3. A morning run

2. "I'm trying to lose weight, so I prepare my lunchboxes beforehand."

1. "My first day on a diet."

Bonus: for everyone who is trying to lose weight

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Preview photo credit Stason44/Pikabu
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