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We’ve Picked Awkward Moments No One Would Wish on Their Worst Enemy

We all experience strange and awkward situations so often that there is a special holiday called Awkward Moments Day. And the heroes of our photo selection know how to celebrate it.

Everyone has had at least one moment in life when they thought "oops, something went wrong." Awkwardness waits for us around every corner and it's a good idea to just treat these situations with humor.

So that you don't feel alone in your awkward situations, Bright Side has prepared a selection of photographs for you.

1. Picking up mom from a business trip

2. A good boy made a mistake.

3. The recipe was for blackened chicken.

4. Someone has long legs.

5. A surprise attack

6. "This looks like a nice place to take a pic."

7. Nothing weird here...

8. This old thing came in handy

9. A cat's reaction to the wedding

10. Asking for directions?

11. Dangerous games with the child

12. Cleaning out the bathroom shelves

13. An unexpected twin

14. Oddly huge kernels

15. The bridesmaids never had a chance.

16. When shopping wears you out:

17. When you try to take a nice photo but the wind has other ideas:

18. So hungry

19. A "lucky" person

20. Bon appétit

21. Oops, wrong way...

22. At the doctor's office

23. A phone in the pool

24. Pasta is notoriously hard to photocopy.

25. Why take a photo here? Why bring your lunch in the bathroom? So many questions...

26. Not getting in now

27. "Lacoste" bread

Which of these situations would you never want to be in? Tell us in the comments.

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