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What Different Things Look Like on the Inside

Everyone loved looking inside toys when they were children in order to find out what they were made of. Even though we’re not children anymore, we still love looking inside different things. For example, roses, iPad cases, or even golf balls.

Bright Side is eager to reveal what different things look like on the inside.

“The inside of my iPad case is made of old toothpaste boxes.”

The inside of a golf ball

A ship

A concrete box girder bridge

Poppy seeds

A rose

A pine cone

A baseball

An elephant’s foot

A helmet

A human tooth

A camera lens

A zippo lighter

A lock

The back of a Boeing 727

A purple potato

Purple potatoes look like a galaxy! Did anyone else notice a person in the photo of the ship?

Preview photo credit Theultravisitor / reddit, imgur
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