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What Do People Eat in Movie Theatres Across the World?

We are used to thinking that popcorn is the most popular snack food in movie theatres. However, not everyone is munching on popcorn during screenings. In some countries people prefer quite unusual go-to foods.

Bright Side introduces to you 12 movie snacks that moviegoers around the world choose to chow down on while watching films.


People in Greece like their traditional food souvlaki so much that it can be purchased everywhere, including some outdoor cinemas.


In Israel, moviegoers enjoy tasty and nutritious balls made from ground chickpeas. This popular snack is commonly served in a pita, which acts as a pocket.


Tostilocos are now commonly sold in Mexican movie theatres and at stadiums. This street food traditionally consists of tortilla chips topped with hot sauce, cucumber, jícama, lime juice, beans, and peanuts.


Movie theatres in Finland offer a wide selection of fruit jelly candies, similar to Gummy Bears, at their concession stands.


Many movie fans in China like snacking on dried salted plums (which are also popular in Mexico), sunflower seeds, and dried squid while watching films.


Healthy licorice candies are in great demand in the Netherlands, and they are sold in many movie theatres. Especially popular is salty licorice. However, it has a rather unusual taste which one needs to get used to.

South Korea

In South Korea, moviegoers prefer eating roasted chestnuts during screenings. And as in many other Asian countries, dried squid is very popular here.


Roasted ants, also known as hormiga culona, are probably not the most appetizing alternative to popcorn. However, munching on this unusual snack while watching a movie in Colombia is a common thing. The ants have a unique taste that some people compare to that of bacon.


In Indian movie theatres you can find not only Bollywood masterpieces but also traditional street food. For example, don't miss the chance to try samosas (pyramid-shaped turnovers with various fillings) and vada pav (potato-fritter sandwiches).


The dish called "chicken popcorn" is very popular in Taiwan. Commonly sold by restaurants, street vendors, and theatres, this snack is said to be so delicious you can't stop eating it.


It’s hard to imagine life in Japan without seafood. So it’s no surprise that all Japanese movie theatres offer their visitors Iriko, a snack made from dried sardines or anchovies.


Fish balls (Bajan fish cakes) are a hit in Barbados and other Caribbean countries. Made from salted fish, flour, baking powder, and herbs, this popular snack can be purchased in open-air movie theatres.

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