What Happens to Your Body If You Listen to Scientists and Drink a Glass of Wine Every Night

Some studies show that drinking red wine every day is good for the health: it helps the body get rid of toxins and it improves brain productivity. Our editor decided to try this experiment to find out how wine influences the health.

Bright Side wants to share with our readers what we’ve found out — what will happen to your body if you drink a glass of wine every day!

Day 1.

I’m 28 years old and I can’t call myself an alcohol fan. Approximately once a week, usually on Friday or Saturday, my friends and I go to the bar or have a party at home. Sometimes, I meet someone during the week for some beer.

In order to do this experiment, I decided to drink a glass of wine at dinner at home every day. I chose good red Chilean wine. Dry red wine, according to some researchers and doctors, has the best effect on people’s health.

Day by day, I could notice different changes that happened to my body and mood. Some changes really surprised me.

1. I had sleeping problems

I don’t have insomnia and I usually fall asleep very quickly at about 11 PM. But on about the 2nd or the 3rd day of the experiment I started experiencing sleeping problems: I woke up during the night and I couldn’t fall asleep. After spending 10-15 minutes on my phone, I could finally sleep. In fact, by the end of the experiment, I started sleeping normally, and I didn’t have any problems like this anymore. Maybe it was some sort of an adjustment?

I think alcohol influenced my sleeping cycle: it was easy to fall asleep, but I woke up during the night.

2. After the end of the experiment, it was harder for me to concentrate.

I tried to notice all the changes that happened to my body. I measured my blood pressure every day and I can say this: alcohol had no effect on it and the pressure was normal. There were no other problems like difficulty breathing or anything like this.

But something became clear after the end of the experiment. Strangely, when I stopped drinking wine every evening, I sometimes felt really sleepy and fatigued: it was hard to concentrate on work. I don’t know what it means, but I hope that these symptoms will go away soon.

3. I had a guilty conscience.

I had never noticed this before, but during this alcohol experiment, I noticed this: I started waking up at night feeling thirsty. So, I had to put a glass of water right next to the bed.

And, especially during the first days, I had a feeling that I was doing something wrong, something bad. Maybe, it was because I was used to drinking only on the weekends with my friends.

On the other hand, I didn’t have to wait for a special day: every day, I had my own mini-Friday with a tasty dinner and good wine. So, later I realized that there was no reason for a guilty conscience: nobody made me drink the entire glass, and if I wanted to, I would just not drink on some evening. I felt better and started enjoying my evenings more.

4. I started seeing people I really wanted to see.

During the experiment, I had fewer meetings where the point was to sit and drink a glass of wine with someone. I either invited friends to my place or just stayed home and didn’t go anywhere. So, I only met the people I was interested in — someone I was happy to see at my place. Besides, I’m an introvert, so I enjoyed spending time at home much more.

I didn’t stop meeting my friends on weekend, but I drank wine instead of beer and I drank very little.

5. I had skin problems.

Day 20.

Maybe it’s because I started leaving the house less often and eating more, but I ended up gaining a few pounds. Unfortunately, drinking alcohol even for such a short time influences the appearance: I had dark circles under my eyes because of sleeping problems.

Initially, I planned the experiment for one month, but in the end, I decided to finish it after 3 weeks. Despite noticing some positive changes, the changes in the way I felt worried me.

My conclusions after the experiment:

  • Drinking a glass of good wine from time to time is significantly cheaper than going to bars with friends. For example, you can pay 2 times less for a good bottle of wine than for 2-3 glasses of beer in a bar. Besides, the chances of drinking too much and doing something you may regret are much lower: you relax every evening instead of waiting for Fridays.
  • I didn’t meet with people I didn’t want to: I felt much better this way because I’m an introvert.
  • I wanted to know more about wine and cheese: It’s a lot of fun to learn the differences in taste.
  • I realized that drinking even a little amount of alcohol every day can’t influence your health in a good way: I didn’t like the sleep problems and feeling tired all the time.
  • The main conclusion is this: don’t drink every day, but don’t wait for a special day to relax if you are feeling drained. Good wine in good company with tasty food will make your evening much better. Just don’t drink too much!

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